About Us

The Knox County Democratic Women (KCDW) is an organization that grew out of the enthusiasm of volunteers during the Democratic campaign of 2004.

We believe in the values of the Democratic Party.

We believe that women are instrumental in articulating these values and principles to the general public.

Our goals are to promote the policies of the Democratic National Committee, to encourage the party to work for women’s issues, to support the Knox County Democratic Party, and to encourage political participation by the Democratic women of Knox County.

what we do

  • Identify, recruit, and train women to hold positions of leadership in the party and government at all levels.
  • Encourage both party and government bodies to adopt legislation supportive of women and their families.
  • Provide public forums to educate the citizens of Knox County on issues, legislation, and political candidates.
  • Train women to serve as effective advocates for the Democratic Party.
  • Support the principles and policies of the Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee.
  • Initiate and carry out programs and projects on behalf of the Democratic Party and Democratic candidates.

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